Dove invisible dry antiperspirant deodorant 250 ml has a clean subtle scent to keep you feeling fresher for longer. If you’re looking for a reliable antiperspirant aerosol for men, chances are fighting sweat and odour is your top priority. Dove  invisible dry antiperspirant is the answer, containing active ingredients that provide the all-day strength you need to get tough with sweat and body odour. This men’s antiperspirant deodorant protects you against sweat and body odour for 48 hours leaving a subtle scent to keep you smelling good all-day and is also proven against no white marks. The men’s antiperspirant deodorant offers powerful sweat protection without irritating your skin. That’s why Dove invisible dry antiperspirant deodorant is designed to combat odour and wetness while its ¼ moisturising technology shields skin from irritation. Its non-irritant formula is tough on sweat, not on skin. Shaking the can well and holding it 15 cm away from your underarm, spray in short bursts in a well ventilated area for better protection. Avoid contact with your eyes and broken skin. Why not try it alongside Dove’s Dove invisble for lasting comfort and freshness? Dove  invisible dry antiperspirant deodorant also comes in a convenient compressed 75 ml, making it ideal for your gym bag, hand luggage or on the go. With Dove ideal formula ever Dove invisible dry antiperspirant deodorant gives you strong antiperspirant protection with a clean scent to keep you feeling refreshed and dry all-day long.

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Dove Invisible Dry Anti-perspirant Aerosol Deodorant 250 ml provides up to 48 hours of protection against underarm wetness and offers incredible underarm care.
Our antiperspirant deodorant aerosol has been tested on 100 different colours and it’s proven to leave no white marks on any of them. With up to 48 hours of antiperspirant protection, you don’t have to worry about underarm wetness either, you can do your thing, knowing that you’ll smell great all day. Its unique formula, with 1/4 moisturising cream, helps underarm skin to recover from irritation caused by shaving, leaving you with soft, smooth underarms.
The delicate scent keeps you feeling clean and fresh all day too with a 0% alcohol formula to reduce skin irritation. What more could you ask for from a moisturising antiperspirant deodorant?
For best protection from sweat marks and skin irritation: after showering, make sure your underarms are dry and cool. Shake the can well to evenly mix the protective and moisturising ingredients, then hold your arm above your head and spray one underarm at a time for two seconds each, holding the can 15cm from your underarms. Invisible Dry is also available in a compressed 75ml size, perfect to slip into your handbag or hand luggage and keep you fresh on the go.
Effective protection, beautiful results.

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